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Winter holidays with the Bieszczady Forest Railway


January and February in Bieszczady promise to be winter. This is a great opportunity to admire the Bieszczady landscapes from the wagons of the Bieszczady Forest Railway. On this occasion, special courses are planned every Saturday of winter holidays. They start on Saturday, January 23 at 12:00 and will apply on subsequent Saturdays at 12:00 until February 27. The queue will run as every year on the route Majdan - Balnica - Majdan. The train carriages are suited to the cold weather, heated...

The first course of the Bieszczady Forest Railway starts on May 1


Soon, because the first course of the Bieszczady Forest Railway starts on May 1. During the long May weekend, from May 1 (Thursday) to May 4 (Sunday), the courses will take place daily according to the schedule. Departure from the main station in Majdan to Przysłup at 10.00, and to Balnica at 13.00. The only change in the timetable is the extension of the stop at Przysłup and Balnica by 10 minutes. The stop will last half an hour. In May, after a long weekend, the queue will only run on...

'Star Sky Park' in the Bieszczady Mountains


8 March this year. in Lutowiska, the "Sky Bieszczady" Starry Park was founded. These activities are aimed at protecting the dark, starry sky from light pollution of civilization origin and enabling observation of the night sky in its natural form. For proper observation of the sky, places without artificial light pollution are needed. The wrong type and installation of lighting is not only high costs, but also a serious problem for the natural environment. Increasingly ubiquitous light, often...

Turystyczna mapa Polski


Bieszczady are a mountain range located in the Eastern Beskids, which belong to the Eastern Carpathians. This range is limited by two passes - Łupkowska and Wyszkowska. Regarding the geographical division of the Bieszczady, it is good to know that we divide the entire Bieszczady into the West, located on the Polish and Slovak side, and the East, on the Ukrainian side. Eastern and Western Bieszczady are separated by the Uzhgorod pass, located in Ukraine. The terms 'Bieszczady' and 'Beskid' have been used for centuries as the names of the mountains separating Poland and Ruthenia from Hungary. The etymology of the words 'Bieszczady' and 'Beskid' is, however, unclear, it is likely that these words are derived from the Thracian people of Bess, whose presence north of the Carpathians was noted by Ptolemy in his works. The first traces of settlement in the Bieszczady Mountains date back to the Neolithic era, i.e. 2500-1700 BC. At that time, cultural influences from the Pannonian Basin were noticeable here. In the vicinity of Lesko, Stefkowa and Olszanica, various objects were found, such as arrowheads and bracelets from the Bronze Age, referring to the culture of Oromani - the population inhabiting the southern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains at that time. Archaeological finds...

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