Tło Bieszczady

The San Valley Landscape Park

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The San Valley Landscape Park with an area of ​​28 718 ha, aims to protect the picturesque San Valley from the sources of the river to the Solina Lake. From the north-east, it is a natural buffer zone for the Bieszczady National Park. The natural richness of the park is characterized by large afforestation, it is about 80%. The lower floor of the park dominates in the park due to the fact that most of the area lies above 500 m a.s.l. There are two reserves in the Park: peat bogs 'Zakole', 'Krywe' and 'Hulskie'. The most abundant in the park is the Carpathian beech forest. Half of the forests are tree stands aged 100 or even older. There are also two rare species of large mammals in the Park - bison and bear.


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